Who I am

Even as a child I loved spending my afternoons in my parents’ shops and watching the ladies trying on clothes.

After graduating in foreign languages, I started pursuing my passion working for many years in family stores where I acquired and refined my personal style and taste.

“Deeply” in the world of fashion, but mainly being in so many hours in contact with people, I developed in my opinion an understanding that has accompanied me and helps me to “identify” their needs and “solve” them with the aim of winning customer trust.

I learned to get to know people, striving to immerse myself in them by giving them personal advice in order to create unique and winning outfits, taking care to safeguard the client’s identity.

Over the years, it often happened to me that the client reminded me of a beautiful moment in his life tied to a purchase of a beautiful dress for a ceremony, rather than clothes or shoes to update his wardrobe, and to find joy in him to have trusted just me.

Here, all this makes me scream with joy!!

I remember with great pleasure, when a dear customer told me: “Manola you are so special, you have good taste and you understand people and what they really want!”

From that moment a light bulb lit up and the desire to dress the people who trusted me by putting themselves at their disposal grew day by day.

The next step was to enroll in the first personal shopper course which was followed by others, which were fundamental to guaranteeing me greater skills and integrating my personal work experience.

Today I dedicate myself with enthusiasm and love to the care of the image and the style of the people.

Wardrobe Analysis

How many times have you happened to open the closet and ask yourself: “I have all these clothes but I have nothing to wear” or look at some garments with the tag still attached for the umpteenth time and notice that I made a wrong purchase maybe dictated from an irrepressible desire to buy “something” spending maybe a lot of money but then once you get home forget it in the closet?

At this point I enter the game. Assuming that in the past even I happened to make the same mistake, I know exactly what you’re talking about. But I “patented” one of my infallible tactics “in” bringing to light “the forgotten wardrobe garments, giving them one or more versions to match with the rest of my wardrobe or having fun looking for new ones by going shopping! Here this is the proposal I want you to talk about your wardrobe, make it organized and functional so that every time you open your wardrobe it will be immediate the choice of the outfits that you need for a business meeting, an evening, a special occasion , a sudden journey .. having immediately in front, the right picture of everything you need at that moment without losing more precious time but above all having the certainty of dressing yourself with the necessary care so that you feel secure and perfect for every occasion.

Shopping Day

After a brief but careful analysis of your style, taste and personality, it will be fun to shop together in search of your perfect outfit, linked to a night in particular rather than simply shopping for your wardrobe.

“Style is the physionomy of the spirit”

Arthur Schopenhauer

Search for gifts

You are looking for a special gift, but you lack the time, and you do not have a clear idea of ​​what to buy, but of course your only wish is to make a good impression without having to think first. person You don’t have to worry about anything, I’ll take care of it for you: following your instructions, and respecting the budget you’ve set.

I look for gifts for Christmas, special occasions, communions, confirmations, anniversaries, company presentations and eventually, if expressly requested by the client, provide home delivery.


Contact me without any commitment, you choose way you prefer. You can call me, write me an email or if you prefer you can fill out the form here on the site.

I’m ready to help you!

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